2017 Festival

By the numbers:

  • 4,000 attendees in 4 days
  • 200 volunteers; 1,200+ volunteer hours
  • 850+ nativities on display (over set 3,000 pieces)
  • Nativities from more than 48 countries on display


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Visitor comments:

  • Thank you so much for having this display. It is a wonderful community and Christmas event.
  • Such a blessing to be able to take a moment in this busy time to really focus on Jesus Christ, our Savior that came to save us from our sins! Thanks for providing this opportunity for time to quietly think on Him and praise Him.  God’s peace to you!
  • Thank you for brightening up the community togetherness of the season. Very grateful that you do this – so worth coming from Galesburg area.
  • I don’t want to leave this place, it’s nice and I like it. (Chiorri, 5 yrs. Old)
  • Thanks! Awesome!  Kingdom of Deliverance Baptist Church
  • This is a “must see” event. Will return with family next year.
  • It was the most fun I’ve had in weeks!
  • I love seeing the nativities I feel the Holy Ghost in me.  Thank you so much.  A
  • Loved the work you did! Will encourage friends to visit and see how our Savior is adored all over!
  • This is so beautiful! What a wonderful way to honor the true meaning of Christmas.  Especially enjoyed the artistry of the displays and the musical presentations.  How great to have participation from different churches – working so perfectly together!
  • This was so wonderful. I needed to be reminded on the true meaning of Christmas this year and this was perfect. It was beautiful to unite faiths in Jesus name.  Beautiful display of nativity scenes.
  • Wonderful! I love that it is supported inter-denominationally!
  • This display is breathtaking. Beautiful job.
  • Awesome experience! Everyone should see this.
  • When we lift His son Jesus up, He is here. I can feel his presence.
  • Beautiful and awesome display. I walked around with my mouth open like a child.  Loved it!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. So holy.  We enjoyed everything we saw.  Can’t stop smiling.  Merry Christmas.  Thanks to everyone for sharing.   God bless you.

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