Meet the featured artists for this year’s 2018 Peoria Community Festival of Nativities!


Julia Fish Thompson



Art type: Calligraphy and Decorative Painting


Julia Fish Thompson, an artist from Zionsville, Indiana, specializes in calligraphy and decorative painting.  Julia works primarily on paper, walls, and objects and letters in multiple styles, often combining artwork with her lettering.  She enjoys commission work and creates some pieces for reproduction.
Julia also engraves on glass and metal, primarily for fragrance events at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.  She teaches short and long format classes to youth and adults and serves as the president of the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana.  Julia has a BA in design and continues to learn more about all things calligraphy at workshops and conferences.
Her life revolves around her awesome and dynamic family.  She loves Christmas and is thrilled to be the artist in residence for The Community Festival of Nativities 2018.  See examples of her work at



Rod Stambaugh


Art type: Sketch


Rod Stambaugh is a native of Canton, Illinois and has lived there his entire life. Although he spent most of his free hours in high school in the art room, he has not received any formal training in art. His style reflect his attention to the detail of ordinary scenes of Fulton County and his love for fantasy and a deep religious faith.

Rod owns and operates the small engine repair shop, This That & Mower in Canton.  Unlike any other repair shop, his walls are not covered with commercial posters and shelves of equipment and accessories. Instead, they are adorned with hundreds of prints of his artwork which are available for purchase at a very reasonable price.  He also does commissioned artwork including portraits from photos, landscapes, scenes, objects, logos, etc.

Although Rod does not generally compete, he has won numerous awards in local art shows in the Canton area.